Background and Purpose

So I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and have just never gotten around to doing this. Basically I didn’t want to be spamming other channels like Facebook with long rants and discussions. I do have opinions and experiences that I would like to share with others as bits of advice or to see if I can get some advice. This will probably become a collection of random incoherent posts about whatever I want to rant about but to start I have some goals to try to keep it focus.

As the title suggests, yes I am a dentist, however I will try to keep dental speak to an absolute minimum. In fact most of the things I want to share are probably things that I have very limited knowledge on. I want to focus on the more interesting aspects of life; hobbies, experiences, realizations, and that sort. As time goes on I imagine this blog will evolve into either something completely different or just flat die in the water. Whatever the case, Let’s dive right into things.


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