Year in Review: 2015

As another year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on major events of the past year as well as look forward to plan ahead for the year to come. Though I haven’t posted much at all this year, that, by no means made it an uneventful 2015.

Edge Dental

Where do I start with this? I remember having a target opening of late spring/early summer. Well, as with construction, everything goes out the window when the city decides its own time schedule and their office suddenly gets inundated with building permits due to weather related issues. Not to mention a landlord who has so much red tape that it takes a week for documents to get sent from the rep to the main office for approvals for changes and another several weeks for any resolution, coupled with a monopolized high speed internet market that also likes to set their own schedule. So after months of delays, in August, finally fully operational. Was it worth it? Most definitely. The office looks absolutely amazing. My vision for it to become a portfolio worthy project for those who were involved really came to fruition. The clean lines, contrasting ceiling, open feel, and little accented details really set it apart. Sure there are some minor things that I would have wanted to be different, but overall I was very happy with my new space. More pictures and information can be found at our website, or find us on Facebook.  A couple sneak peeks of the office:

Houston Modern Dental Office Operatory Houston Modern Dental Office Hall

Houston Modern Dental Office Waiting Room Houston Modern Dental Office Hallway

Houston Modern Dental Office Sign Night

As it is still in its infancy, I believe that taking the right steps, and getting things set up properly will set us up for a successful 2016.

Supercar Update:

So I’ve been driving my Aston for a little over half a year now. Every time I get in it, I still am struggling to hold back the massive smile I have from the joy of driving this beauty. I haven’t really had any major issues come up lately, and fingers crossed hope it stays that way. I know I’m going to get some flak for this, but since my last post I just couldn’t resist doing some minor modifications to the car while it was in for maintenance. First up, just s minor oil line update to replace the old oil radiator and upgrade the lines from the original factory rubber to stainless steel lines to prevent oil leakage which Astons had been known for. The other modifications were an ECU flash, Hi-flo sport cats, and a full Quicksilver SuperSport exhaust system. All together, the overall performance only increased by about 50hp rounding out to the 500hp range, but boy is it more fun to drive now. It’s loud. But not an unpleasant loud. I found that stock, the exhaust noise was a bit too tame under 4-5000rpm and even above that it could use something more. Now, sitting at idle, it truly sounds like a proper supercar with that deep throaty rumble. Foot firmly down and it sounds like you’re in the middle of a GT race and then when you let off a bit, it sounds like the heavens open up and you can feel Zeus’ wrath smiting those around you. Words, really don’t do it justice. As my daily driver, I couldnt be more pleased with it.

2016: The Road Ahead

Though 2015 may not have been as successful as I had hoped, it puts me hopefully in prime position to really hit it big this coming year. With big plans and even bigger ambitions. On the business front, I have really begun to ramp up our marketing efforts. Later half of 2015, I found myself hesitant to spend much on marketing and it seems that might not have worked as well as I had hoped. Whether it be problems with the economy, ineffectiveness of marketing, or just bad cyclical trends of the industry, a new approach to get patients through the door will be assessed. Another issue I had not anticipated was just the amount of stress and lack of free time that goes into opening and running your own office from scratch while still trying to work at another location. There are just certain things that I can not do when I want them done because it literally does not fit in my schedule no matter how I try. So, starting early Q1, I will be cutting back on my secondary job and hopefully wean myself off it by Q2. Hopefully by then, the new office will be self sufficient by then.

Elsewhere on the homefront, I’ve decided that it’s about time for me to start looking for a proper place to live. As rent keeps increasing each year, I figure I could be putting that money towards a mortgage payment on a decent house and still have some left over. I mean, I’m already pretty much locked into my business for the foreseeable future so it just makes sense. Looking for a relatively new construction, 1990’s and newer, in the 400-250k range depending on neighbourhood. Which leads me to the stretch goal of 2016. It’s actually one of the reasons and factors to why I decided it’s time for a house. If I could get my hands on a McLaren by the end of 2016, that would just put it over the top. No, not a 675LT, I’m more realistic than that. An MP-4 12c would be just fine. Brand new at ~$240k, McLarens have a knack for losing value in a ridiculous short time due to a new model coming out seemingly every year (couple months). Since the MP-4 12C in 2011, McLaren has come out with, in rough chronological order, the P1, 650S, P1GTR, 675LT, 540C, 570S. With each new addition pushing older models out of demand. With the average price of a decent used one running around $150k, if all goes well next year, and I see one dip down in the $120k range I’m going to need to have a place to put it.

McLaren MP4-12C – Frontansicht (3), 30. August 2012, Düsseldorf.jpg

All in all, an ambitious set of goals for the coming year, but then again, if we don’t have goals, no matter how big or small, there’s no motivation to make progress and move forward. If we just accept where we are in life and are content living on autopilot, then we have let our mind go to waste. So I’ll conclude with a question for yourself. What are your goals and plans for the exciting year ahead?


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