The Michelin Quest: Day 2

With Day 1 in the books we move on to Day 2:

Something else to note. As I rate these restaurants, keep in mind I am rating them as Michelin Star Restaurants. There is no doubt in my mind that compared on a general scale, these are all 10/10 or 5/5 meals that I had. So my comments, critiques and ratings are going to inherently be hypercritical.

Day 2: Star Count 6

Del Posto

Del Posto is only a 1 Star restaurant but had received very good lunch reviews and was highly recommended by those who had been there for lunch. So lunch at Del Posto it is! There is no menu for the tasting menu. I repeat: there is no written menu for the tasting menu. I stress this because there is no way I was going to remember everything that was in these dishes or even come close to remembering what I had to drink. The wine that comes with these tasting menus are so obscure and the grapes so specific to a certain region that there’s no way of remembering. And no I was not going to spoil this or any other eating experience by trying to write down or record every little detail. So that being said, I had the 6 course Captain’s lunch and added the extra Black Truffle Pasta taste (For only $10 more, what a deal! Yes that $10 extra came with its own wine pairing too!)

So the pictures in order of what I can remember are:

  1. Wild Vegetable Salad
  2. Something Veal with Fried Mushrooms and Capers
  3. Black Truffle Pasta
  4. Ear Pasta with Lamb Shank and Shoulder with Pea Puree and Creme Fresh
  5. Five Seafood Broth with Crab, Oyster, Squid, Lobster and Octopus
  6. Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Corn and Apricot
  7. Sorbet/Gelato Palate Cleanser
  8. Slow Roasted Nectarine with Mint Gelato
  9. Little sweet bites at the end of the meal

IMG_20140811_120438IMG_20140811_122840 IMG_20140811_123856 IMG_20140811_124937 IMG_20140811_130056 IMG_20140811_131417 IMG_20140811_133352 IMG_20140811_134857 IMG_20140811_140057 IMG_20140811_141029



Yes. At $180 Pre-T&T this was a gem of a lunch. The dishes all went well with each other. There was a very nice flow and progression. The only oddball of a dish was the seafood broth. For whatever reason, something in the broth didn’t taste fresh. I suspect it was the lobster and oyster, but something was off. Which was a shame, because the rest of the dish, the broth, was a bowl of hearty tasty yumminess. If there was one other minor complaint, there was just a touch heavy of truffle on the pasta dish.

My rating 4.5/5 because it was such a good deal.



The 2 Star Modern Korean Restaurant had a small cafe feel. Sporting a cafe-esque bar area and limited tables positioned at the edges of the room with a nice decorative partition / glass cabinet in the middle with a more intimate back room with a couple tables.

The menu was as follows with pictures showing a couple extra bites here and there: It shouldn’t be too difficult to pair up descriptions with pictures which are chronological.

  1. Bulgogi Carpaccio 육회
  2. Bread Crusted Scallop 관자
  3. Fried Oyster 굴튀김
  4. Octopus 문어구이
  5. Crispy Red Snapper 바삭도미 (Picture Missing)
  6. Royal Bibimbap 로얄비빔밥
  7. Red Curry Wagyu Steak 와규스테이크
  8. Watermelon 수박
  9. Green Tea Cremeux 그린빙수


IMG_20140811_195348 IMG_20140811_200151 IMG_20140811_201503 IMG_20140811_202336 IMG_20140811_203423 IMG_20140811_205633 IMG_20140811_211040 IMG_20140811_212644 IMG_20140811_213231 IMG_20140811_213832 IMG_20140811_214337



I didn’t really know what to expect here. I wasn’t sure what kind of food Modern Korean was but if this is what it is, I enjoyed it. I unfortunately did have several complaints. Scallop was cooked beautifully, had that flaky chew to it. What I didn’t like was that all the seasoning was concentrated on the breaded portion. So, while eating the scallop it will taste a bit bland, then as you reposition it in your mouth as you chew, you get an overly salty taste. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be, but I could do without the bipolar character of the scallop. My next qualm was with the Royal Bibimbap. Which also brings me to a really big food pet peeve. Truffles! Why truffles why?! My problem is not the truffles themselves. I think they are a very good ingredient to use. They add that boldness. They intensify the flavour profile. But, only when used properly. Way too many people miss the mark and just put way too much truffle and truffle oil on dishes and it kills it. Completely. At Del Posto, I didn’t complain about the black truffle pasta because it’s a black truffle pasta. It was literally two pieces of beautifully hand made pasta with a black truffle sauce. It didn’t try to be anything else. I’m not sure if you can see it in the picture, but all those flakes are black truffle flakes. You could smell the truffle from 2 tables away. It was a real shame because the bibimbap was folded with fois gras, bulgogi and kimchi. None of which were discernible through the truffle. Sadly I had to send half the bibimbap back because I just couldn’t handle the whole thing. Aside from my Oceana experience, that single dish put a sour note in the back of my head for the rest of the trip.

My Rating: 3/5 and at a $270 price point pre-T&T, I’m was expecting a little better.

And with my conclusion of dinner, so concluded my star adventures on the west side of the island.


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