June Trading

Summer months may generally be slow for most of the market but definitely not the case for my portfolio. High risk-High reward appears to have finally paid off. Although that saying is really only partially correct. After a slow and slightly depressing April and May, I decided to change my portfolio strategy a bit and go all in (ish) on solar. All it took was two days of solid rally to wipe away the carnage that DDD had left. Sitting comfortably at an overall YTD 5.6% gain and 35% post-3D correction gain, I’ll be looking at the months ahead for any opportunities to push that even higher. My portfolio, however, at it’s current state would not by any means be considered healthy. I’ll also be working to rectify this problem.

Notable Trades:

SCTY: Towards the end of June, SolarCity spiked on news of the Silevo acquisition followed by a continued rally and short squeeze up to $70+/share. With an average price at ~$63/share I unloaded my shares at $69 for around a 8% gain. This took a lot longer than I had wanted to turn a profit but green is green I suppose.

BP,COP: Dividends paid out this month. BP and COP with $0.69 and $0.59/share respectively pads my account for a couple hundred dollars.

Current Positions:

Cash: I’m probably holding onto too much cash right now, but at currently sitting at 42% keeping an eye out for money opportunities.

DDD: Guess who’s back? That’s right, Bought in 150 shares of DDD as the MACD turned positive at $52.5. Hopefully this marks the beginning of the recovery for 3D Systems and the rest of the #d Printer market. PT on this is an optimistic $68. Almost halfway there.

HALO: News of resuming clinical trials sent HALO back up in early June to ~$10/share. Since then it has hovered around there. Sitting at about even with slight loss on my shares so we’ll see how it does in the coming months. Best case scenario, someone comes by and buys them out and prices spike to $20+. Worst case scenario another setback to send shares down to the $7-8 range…

RGSE: If there ever was a super ballsy move it had to be this one. Sitting on bad press and huge skepticism over RGSE’s M&A moves and weak outlook, I said f**k it and went all in at $2.4/share. [Well not completely but around 65% of my portfolio.] What do you know, there is a stock God, sending shares up 20+% in one day and another 10% the following. Since then I’ve reduced my holding in Real Goods but still have a sizable amount left. I’ll be looking for increased volume and value in this stock in the coming months.


BP: BP seems to have reached its major high for now and appears to be heading into its cyclical downward trend after the earning season. Will be looking for the trough and may jump in to ride the up again.

DD: DuPont Chemicals got a big hit last Friday after news of a slump from its agriculture division. Down to $65 from its high of around $70. I have no doubt that the grandfather of Teflon will be able to weather the storm and bounce back so I’ll keep an eye to see where this bottoms out.

AMBA, IXYS, INVN: These are the top three companies associated with the fast growing drone/UAV craze. As regulations get passed and acceptable uses are more clearly defined I think this sector will be the next big surge later this year. Maybe not one of these three companies specifically but I’ll be looking to see which company in this sector has the most bang for the buck.


I am still skeptical about the market as a whole right now which is why I’m holding onto so much cash. I’ll be looking for any sort of over-corrections and see if I can capitalize on them. I have also been toying with the idea of doubling my principle investment with a cash infusion. Doubling my portfolio however will mean double the headache and double the anxiety. I might do it and keep a good chunk set aside to bail me out in certain times but the idea of having cash sit idle doesn’t quite appeal to me. At the same time I need to maintain a sizable chunk of liquid assets so it may end up sitting idle regardless. Hopefully the markets give me a clear direction in July.


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