March Trading

March Madness? More like March Mayhem. March had its ups and downs. After February, it can only go up, or so I think. Overall March saw a gain of about 2% despite some major setbacks in some of my positions. As far as a general sense, I’ve finally gotten comfortable with my trading pattern and rotation.

Notable trades of the month:

CSX and TRN: After about a month, it was time to let these two go even though both came up slightly short of my target price. Still a 5.5% and 6.5% return for one month holding respectively seems reasonable.

RGSE: RGSE exploded in early march and blew past my PT of $5. 2000 shares let go for a cool 20% gain over 2 months.

SPWR: SunPower has been good to me in the past and is still good to me now. Flipped 200 shares for 4% in a day.


BBY: I’m taking a small gamble with Best Buy. In 100 shares at $25.75. It appears that the worst is over for Best Buy and if the restructuring works, I could see some upside to this small investment. Hoping it gets up to $30.

BP: At $46.50/share I felt BP was trading at a discount so I jumped on the chance to see if it can rebound to the $50 range. 150 shares with a $51-$52 target. Als0 4.7% dividend is nice as well.

COP: I’m loving COP right now. COP bore the brunt of the losses from other positions offsetting with a 5% gain over a month. Still have a $75 PT though improved outlook may change that.

DDD: Don’t get me started. HP announced it would be prospecting the 3D printer market which was widely seen as bad news for DDD and SSYS. I’ve dropped my SSYS from my portfolio but still held on to 100 shares of DDD, effectively reducing my stake in this sector to 13% of my portfolio. Unfortunately March was dismal for the 3D sector with a lot of people shorting 3D stocks. Shares of DDD fell from $75 to $60 by the end of March. I decided it was time to cut my losses and move my money into other stocks that have a better outlook for the coming weeks/months. My lot of DDD sold for a 30% loss and SSYS sold for a 4% loss. In conjunction, I’ve revised my PT for the remaining shares of DDD to $75.

HALO: Biotech bubble? Halozyme has seen better days since its drop from $18/share. I picked up a couple hundred shares just under $13 thinking it was a discount only to see it fall to sub-$12. End of March saw it rebound back to $12.50 so hopefully we can play the bounce on this and see $15 in a couple weeks off promising early trial results.

RGSE: After its explosion to $5.50+ Real Goods has come back down to earth and then some. I jumped back in 1000 shares at $4.07 with the same $5 PT i had set previously.

SCTY: Throw this in along with HALO and RGSE for the bounce play. After seeing highs in the 80’s earlier in the month I jumped in at just under $64 with an optimistic outlook of an $80 PT.

SPWR: I’m in SunPower again, this time at a little more than I probably would have liked at $32.5 hoping for a quick flip to $34-$35. Given its history I would say that this should be a pretty straightforward play.


AMZN: Still keeping an eye on Amazon down to $340 now. I’m still not convinced that the repricing of Prime will be enough to lift prices.

CSX, NSC, GBX, TRN, ARII: I’ve lumped all 5 of these together. Winter weather has brought revenue warnings for rail lines but at the same time demand for rail transport is expected to increase over the next couple months.

HPQ: As the new up and coming 3D printer company it may be worth a look to see if I should look into moving from DDD to HP for the future of 3D printing.

ZIOP: I missed out on ZIOP’s last fluctuation cycle so we will try not to miss the next one.

Remarks and Outlook:

As I move on to April I’ve restructured my portfolio to play the bounce on several speculative markets. My only real anchors come in the forms of BP and COP which make up %35 of my portfolio. This high risk play could bite me hard in April or it could pay off big.